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Monday, August 18, 2008

Are You Ready To Pimp Your Widget?

I caught up with Susan Bratton from Personal Life Media™ at the New Media Expo and had a chance to hear about her new widget and how YOU can use it to MAKE MONEY.

Here's the press realease:

“Pimp My Widget:” Marketers and Podcasters Customize Multi-Feed Podcast Player for Social Media Services, Websites and Blogs

AccuQuote, CardScan, IndieFeed, Oceanus Brands, Sinclair Institute and Zen by Design Sign Exclusive Sponsorships.

LOS ALTOS, CA – August 14, 2008 – Personal Life Media™, Inc. a publisher of lifestyle podcasts and blogs for people on the leading edge of culture, made available today a patent-pending audio player widget that distributes multiple podcast RSS feeds. Web widgets are the small modules of content or advertising that a Web user can add to a social network profile, blog or personal start page. The free player uses “show flow” which makes the album art for up five podcasts fly back and forth in the application via mouse control. The player can be customized by color and size to match any web page or blog as well as to propagate shows in Facebook, MySpace and twenty other sites such as iGoogle and Wordpress. Most importantly, it can be branded with a corporate logo for an integrated look and feel.

Brand marketers who want to distribute valuable content to their site visitors and their social media “friends” use Personal Life Media’s podcast widget to create a sticky consumer experience. As each new episode debuts, it automatically gets pushed to the marketer’s “widget.” Any brand can exclusively sponsor episodic podcast content in a customized player that showcases their unique marketing messages. Fans can grab the player and put it on their site, blog or social site, carrying the marketer’s logo and audio ads along with the content. Podcasters often produce multiple shows and now can aggregate their offerings into a single widget their fans can distribute freely.

The widget creator at http://personallifemedia.com/widget is free for any company, podcaster or content fan. Fees may be involved if a marketer wants to offer shows from Personal Life Media that exclusively feature the brand’s messages. Otherwise, the shows will feature existing sponsor’s ads.

“Pimp” Your Widget

Three simple steps customize your player:

1. Select up to five RSS feeds for audio podcasts.

2. Customize the player’s color and background, pick a size and add a logo.

3. Click “Get” and insert it directly on a blog, website and more than 20 social media services. Any time a visitor to the brand’s site wants to “get” the widget for their own site, blog or social media page, the sponsor’s logo will be displayed along with the podcasts that include the sponsor’s marketing messages.

Wild For Widgets

Numerous brand marketers and a podcast publisher are using the Personal Life Media audio player widget as of launch:

· AccuQuote has integrated their “Life Insurance Podcast” along with four shows from Personal Life Media including “Aging Gratefully,” “Green Talk Radio,” “Living Green” and “Coaching by the Life Coach.” The player can be found on their multimedia page and their corporate blog.

· CardScan is distributing “Evolutionary Sales,” “Conscious Business,” “Money, Mission and Meaning,” and “Coaching by the Life Coach” in their customized player.

· Oceanus Naturals is providing “Just For Women,” “Tantra & Kama Sutra,” “Sex Love & Intimacy,” “Expanded Lovemaking” and “Fearless Lover” to site http://oceanusnaturals.com site visitors.

· Sinclair Institute is offering a series of five relationship shows on their Sinclair University site at http://www.bettersex.com/t-bsu-university.aspx.

· Zen by Design, makers of meditation chairs, is featuring “Buddhist Geeks,” “The New Man,” “Living Dialogues,” “Living Green” and “Green Talk Radio” on their site at http://zenbydesign.com along with a group of relationship shows on http://tantrachair.com.

· Music discovery publisher IndieFeed is using two customized players to distribute their 10 weekly music shows on Facebook and MySpace in addition to offering the widget for their fans to get and share for free at http://indiefeed.com.


Susan Bratton, CEO and co-founder, Personal Life Media, Inc.

“So many of our sponsors and prospective advertisers requested a way to showcase our content on their site that we created this widget for them.” “This player also supports the downloadable content development community by giving podcasters an easy way to promote their shows.” “Until we created this application with Hologenisis, there have been no multi-player audio widgets available on the market.”

Martin Smith, Director, ecommerce, Sinclair Institute.

“Adding a Personal Life Media podcast player to the Better Sex University site benefits two audiences.” Bloggers and webmasters may freely include our widget on their sites easily incorporating helpful content. People facing life challenges may use the widget to easily download lessons from the experienced hosts who bring new thinking and experiences to the world of sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and relationship. Now Better Sex.com brings our customers some of our favorite content, right on our site.”

Sean Cheyney
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, AccuQuote.

“The audio player widget allows us to easily share the shows in the Personal Life Media network that are relevant to our customers.” “In addition to placement on our blog and website, the application sharing capability fits into our overall social media strategy.” “Personal Life Media has their finger on the pulse of what brands, publishers, and consumers are looking for, and this easy to use widget is proof positive.”

Chris MacDonald, Founder, IndieFeed

"I chose the Personal Life Media solution for two reasons. First, it impressively displays multiple feeds of episodic audio.” Secondly, because it provides the easiest and most engaging consumer experience with the widest possible sharing reach."

Michael Kehoe, Product Innovation, Oceanus Naturals.

“The widget is a great way for us to offer people free, useful knowledge from intelligent and entertaining hosts.” “When people come to OceanusNaturals.com to learn more about our products, they have the option to listen to Susan's wonderful shows.”

Al Vitaro, President, Zen By Design - Furniture For The Spirit.

"We cater to a specific clientele in two very niche markets and we were delighted to find that Personal Life Media had created shows that aligned perfectly with our target audience.” “We are especially pleased with the superior quality and content of the broadcasts and equally as pleased with the aesthetics of the widget.” “We are honored to align with Personal Life Media and recommend them in the highest esteem to any person or entity who wishes to add a touch of class and ambiance for their visitors to enjoy."

About the Design

The Personal Life Media Widget was designed by HoloCosmos and produced by HoloGenesis.

Brooks Cole, Chairman and CEO of HoloCosmos and HoloGenesis,

"This is hot stuff... Susan and Tim Bratton are always three steps ahead of online marketing trends, and this infectious media marketing widget is a perfect example of how media companies can escape the tyranny of pages and portals to move media marketing into social networks and the blogosphere."

All shows from Personal Life Media may be accessed at http://personallifemedia.com or in iTunes at:


About HoloCosmos/HoloGenesis

HoloCosmos http://holocosmos.com is a leading online design and development firm building innovative social media brand experiences for clients as diverse as GE, HP, Time Warner, Jerry Brown, Carlos Santana, ACLU.TV and Personal Life Media. HoloGenesis http://hologenesis.tv is an early-stage technology startup pioneering visual search and discovery technology for social networks, entertainment, sustainability, healthcare and finance. HoloGenesis develops highly visual online marketing and search widgets, web and wireless applications to create competitive differentiation for brand marketers.

About Personal Life Media

Personal Life Media (http://www.personallifemedia.com) is a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults, and is the first podcast and blog advertising network for advertisers to reach the “cultural creatives” market segment. Expert hosts deliver motivational programs, talk shows, reality-audio, interviews, advanced techniques and guided exercises in blogs, web audio, video and podcasting formats.

The network offers 25 free weekly audio and video programs, podcasts and companion blogs about self-empowerment, happiness, relationships, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation, healthy aging and longevity. Additional areas of interest include the men’s movement, life coaching, ecology, creativity, weight-loss, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, retirement, conscious business, ethical sales, spirituality, personal and global transformation.

Access the shows for free from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Tune In to Your Personal LifeSM

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