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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ask a Ninja Co-Creator Launches Blog

So Kent Nichols of Ask A Ninja fame started blogging today and he blogged about how you should not put your online video fate in the hands of YouTube. He's reffering to Perez Hilton being suspended on YouTube.

Kent also gives some great advice on the way you should do things because it worked for him.

"In this new media world, build your own domain. Create traffic that you can sell your own ads against. Build up your video views through your own site and then monetize them using Revver et. al., and then sell CPM ads as soon as you can."

He also says that because of his post about YouTube he's worried that his videos might be taken down.

I've posted one of his YouTube videos up above just to keep track. It's the What is podcasting? episode.

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