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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Hardest Working Couple in Online Video

Most people throw a Holiday party to kick back relax and enjoy some downtime with friends and family, not Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of Epic FU.

Last night several of the "Online Video Movable Feast" gang were invited over to Steve and Zadi's house for drinks and pizza but instead of serving small talk and pigs in a blanket the Epic FUers had us reading things for them on camera. We even had to sign talent releases - not that anyone had a problem with it.

From Notourage's Sarah Atwood to Ask A Ninja's
Kent Nichols and Tiki Bar TV's Jeff Macpherson to Doug Bresler, from Doogtoons and Bonny Pierzina, Vu Bui and Lan Bui from Noodle Scar the group was taking turns reading lines while Steve worked the lights and camera and Zadi held the cue cards. Steve and Zadi didn't even stop to have a drink. They just kept working the whole time I was there.

These are the early days of online video and if you are looking to get some ideas on how to make money with online video pay attention to what Steve and Zadi are doing.

1. They keep costs low by not having office space and they shoot in their home.

2. They are a two person team who write, produce, direct, host, edit and do their own website work.

3. They involve their friends and their online fans to generate content and build a community.

Steve and Zadi are absent from many online video social events because they are always working and that work ethic is starting to pay off for them.

They signed with UTA as their agent and struck a deal to produce Epic Fu for Next New Networks and besides all that they are really nice people.


Steve Woolf said...

you are far too kind. :) we're lucky to have the kinds of friends like you and the people you mentioned, plus many others, and we are all going through this whole experience together, figuring out how to grow this thing.

it's an exciting time, we're glad to be where we are because it's still so early on.

now i have to go take my paranoia pill because this post makes me feel too good about what we're doing. ;)

Zadi said...

Tim! Thanks so much! I want to frame this post. :)

I think it may be a problem that we plan work into a party, but it was fun! We're so glad that we've made the friends we've made in L.A. Glad that we can fully absorb this moment in time with everyone. It's really special... and not in the mentally challenged way either. ;) ...(was that politically incorrect?)