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Thursday, December 20, 2007

MacWorld is Coming - Will you be my friend?

So MacWorld is coming in January and the MacMost podcast has reported that as usual Steve Jobs is keynote speaker for Macworld. Big surprise there.
In a more surprising move Lee Gibbons of Podango has asked me to speak at MacWorld about marketing your podcast but beyond that I'm going to be using my time there to make more friends. One of the best things I've learned in my time in new media is the power of friends.

I've signed up for the MacWorld Expo Social Network that uses Ning and I hope to make some new friends before MacWorld.

I used to go to conferences looking for business deals and sometimes I would find them but more often than not what I found was that I made a new friend that I did business with or that lead to new business in one way or another. The other business people that I met never really developed into anything because I didn't make friends with them and I didn't have a relationship with them.

As you move forward in your online video travels don't look for new business deals, look for new friends that you can do business with.

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