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Friday, November 30, 2007

Pain Killers Not Vitamins

Companies come to me all the time with exciting new technologies that they want me to test or use for French Maid TV.

From subtitling technology to dynamic ad insertion to hot spot clickable video advertising I get to see a lot of cool Web 2.0 tech. What I don't get to see are a lot of good business models.

After I demo some new tech and like it I ask the people what their revenue model is and I can't tell you how many times I get the , "Well you pay us $xxx per month." If I was a big company with a budget for new tech that might be a way to go but I think a lot of these new start ups are really missing the boat.

Sure I've had a little success with monetizing online video but I'm not rolling in money. I need pain killers not vitamins.

"Tim's on drugs now, look out.", you say. No I'm not dating Tina. I'm talking about technology that is a win win for both sides without investment.

Take a look at Revver and Podango they both offer FREE Hosting and the ever so wonderful 50/50 Rev Share split. Kind of similar to some studio deals.

How cool is that? Two years ago when I launched French Maid TV I was paying $4000 per month in video hosting. Now with companies like Revver and Podango I can make almost that much each month by hosting my videos at sites like theirs. Truth be told I don't have any files at Podango and I sure would like to have them there but they are a "Family Friendly" site and I can respect that.

So my advice to you as a content producer is look for the technology to be FREE with a revshare that is 50/50 or better in your favor and for all of you Web 2.0 Techies that are slumming it at my blog / vlog about Internet Video I say, "Get your act together and help us monetize our video by offering us a FREE service that makes us both money that we split 50/50."

Lower your head, watch your step and enjoy the rest of your day on the Internet.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is the Web and It's Going to Murder Your TV w/ Cherry Chocolate Rain

Dr. Pepper, their marketing department and ad agency have hit a home run in my book!

They know the power of the internet, understand what is acceptable to the audience and have created a gem of an integrated advertising video.

Creative team Dr. Pepper has delivered in a big way.


Dr. Pepper has posted a new video mash-up "Cherry Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday on Tay's YouTube page that takes the popular web celebrity and builds upon his success with spectacle and story placing the YouTube Star in his own high end music video singing about the new Dr.Pepper Cherry Chocolate drink.

On his YouTube page Tay says, "Dr Pepper decided to make me a music video to celebrate their new Cherry Chocolate beverage! It was a fantastic shoot and I met lots of talented people!"

Tay also lists credits for the video:

Featuring Mista Johnson http://www.mistajohnson.com

Produced by True Entertainment

Executive Producer, Shari Solomon Cedar

Director, Jeff Tomsic

For information on Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper go to http://www.drpepper.com

Download MP3:

The big test now is will Dr Pepper see an ROI on their Investment and will they share that case study with the rest of us integrated advertising folks?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online Video Goes Yellow

Yellowpages.com is now offering video advertising.

According to their site, Yellowpages.com, "There are no up-front production fees. Just purchase a Listing Ad and choose your product"

Users can select from a "Video Profile" where Yellowpages.com will "create a unique video, using your photos and brand guidelines, to showcase your company's benefits and location or you can chose the premium "Video Profile" Where a video production team shoots your custom video on location — with you as the star! You'll spend a few minutes in a pre-production meeting, and one hour participating in the on-location shoot." Wow it's like Hollywood coming to your door step.

YELLOWPAGES.COM will display a video icon as a link on your ad then all your consumer has to do is "click and play" to see your business in action. Viewers can also forward your video to their friends, gaining you extra free advertising value! You can even add your Video Profile to your Web site.

The "30-second Video Profile will be distributed as part of your YELLOWPAGES.COM advertising and will enhance your priority on the YELLOWPAGES.COM site."

Now let's see who they farm out the production work to, if you will be able to do it yourself and more importantly if there will be any advertising Rev Share!

Please let me know if you find out anything more on this one. This is a marketplace that small business owners can get their heads around.

2 Girls 1 Cup - A New Low in Online Video

For the past few months the viral video "2 Girls 1 Cup" has become popular on YouTube and the video itself is not even on Youtube.

The way that 2 Girls 1 Cup has become popular on YouTube is that people are posting videos of themselves, their friends and relatives reactions as they watch the 2girls1cup video in real time, for the first time.

As for the two girls one cup video itself, the reason it is not on Youtube is that it violates YouTube's terms of service in a multitude of ways. 2 Girls 1 cup has nudity, lesbian interaction "not that there's anything wrong with that" and then it crosses the first line as feces leaves the human body but that's where the two girls one cup video spectacle train just leaves the station. That's right, it gets worst. The 2 girls 1 cup video makes French Maid TV look like a Sunday School Lesson video. 2girls1cup is truly sick and disgusting and when historian examine this point in human history I think they will compare it to the time of Ancient Rome. We have truly hit a new low in popular online video. I DO NOT recommend watching the 2 Girls One Cup video.

Beyond the fact that the 2 Girls 1 Cup video is a XXX rated video (maybe you could give it 4 or 5 X's) and a new low for online video is an interesting phenomenon and that is that the view count of the "reaction videos" of Two Girls and a Cup video are in the millions and people keep making and posting more. YouTubers are posting videos of their roommates watching and reacting to the 2girls1cup video, there best friends watching the 2girlsonecup video, even Mom's reaction to the Two Girls 1 Cup video. There's also a Reaction Party video of young adults at a party watching the 2 girls one cup video and reacting, online Celebrities Perez Hilton and What the Buck have posted spoof and reaction videos to 2 Girls One Cup video as well and there are many more.

One of the other reaction videos to the 2 Girls One cup video breaks a few more rules. Someone with a Kermit the Frog puppet does a pretty good job of imitating Kermit reacting to the 2 Girls One Cup video and this "Kermit reaction" video is getting lots of views. The problem with the Kermit reaction video to 2girls one cup is that it would be Rated R, might violate trademarks/copyrights and I know some poor little kids are going to stumble across Kermit the Frog using bad words and playing with his privates and they will be in therapy for years.

This video has struck a cord with America. When you watch it you are truly shocked by the spectacle then your mind starts working on what the story behind the making of this video is and why two young women would do such a thing. Last night after I watched the 2 Girls and a Cup video I dreamt that because of the Writer's strike Jay Leno went in search of the two girls in the 2 Girls 1 Cup video and he found them in Russia at some kind of Carnival or Fair just as they were receiving an award for doing such a great performance in the 2 Girls and a cup video. Then Jay Leno had to wait in line behind other reporters from around the world and when he got to the two young women to interview them I woke up and had to start writing this post.

If after all this talk of how disgusting the 2 Girls One Cup video is you still feel you need to see it, if you've searched YouTube and you can't find the Two Girls One Cup video, if you've searched Google and you can't find the 2 Girls One Cup video just find it the old fashion way, the way we did it before there was a YouTube. To find the 2 Girls 1 Cup video just type .com after 2girls1cup.

But I warned you. It is disgusting and you will never be the same person.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TV Networks Run Out of Online Video Ads

According to TV Week Advertising time in full episodes streamed online was a hot property during the upfront, ad buyers said, but some networks appear to have underestimated how many people log on to watch them. And once the networks streamed the number of spots they promised advertisers, they switched to promos and tried to find new online advertisers.

So this should tell you a few things:

1. There is money in online video advertising.

2. Advertisers buy advertising inventory well in advance.

3. The Marketplace is still building.

That said, you should build out your advertising inventory and do like the big guys, place promos for other shows you have or promos for show that your friends do.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Web Video Reports

There's a new site about making money with video on the Internet.

Here's the pres release:

Crain Communications Inc, the nation's leading business publisher, announces the launch of WebVideoReport.com, an online publication focused on the creation, distribution and monetization of Web video. The site shows users how to research effective Web video business models; develop accurate budgets for the creation of online video; determine the going rates for Web video advertising; and find out how to market their products and services with online video.

"WebVideoReport.com was designed as a one-stop destination that brings together all the resources users need to create, distribute and realize profits from Web video," said editor Greg Baumann. "It provides professional-level guidance, news and case studies together in an easy-to-navigate interface." The site is live now.

WebVideoReport.com's inaugural departments include:


An in-depth analysis of the business models companies are using to generate revenue and market themselves with Web video.

HOW-TO ARTICLES Advice from leading industry professionals on every facet of Web video.

WEB VIDEO NEWS The latest breaking stories from the world of Web video: companies and entrepreneurs who are making news, advancing technology and spurring the growth of the market.

FEATURED VIDEOS Daily examples of how companies are using Web video to bolster their business are featured here, along with background on how they were made and how they performed.

DAISY WHITNEY TESTS WEB VIDEO Contributing Reporter Daisy Whitney evaluates the performance of Web video services and other companies at the intersection of entertainment and technology.

DIGITAL DEALMAKERS Profiling the most important executives in the Web video industry and what they're doing to increase profits in an intensely competitive marketplace.

New departments will be added as the marketplace grows, and a daily WebVideoReport enewsletter will serve as a companion piece to the Web site.

Crain Communications Inc is one of the largest privately-owned business publishers in the U.S. with over 30 leading business, trade and consumer publications in North America and Europe, including Advertising Age, TelevisionWeek and Automotive News. As an authoritative source of vital news and information to industry leaders and consumers worldwide, each of the company's newspapers, magazines and electronic news sites have become required reading in their respective sector of the business and consumer marketplaces.

Source: Crain Communications Inc

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Standards and Practices "The Mom Rule"

What if someone you liked did something that you thought crossed a line in an online video and no one said anything about it? What if other people embedded that "bad video" on their site and no one said anything about it? What if it was someone that millions of people worshiped and paid millions of dollars to go to their movies? Would you blow the whistle on them? Would you tell people about the bad thing they did in their video?

One good argument for having movie studios and TV networks is that they have lawyers and standards and practices people in place to guard against a producer's momentary laps in judgment or a comedian's lack of judgment in going for a laugh in dangerous territory. But as an independent producer you don't have the luxury of having 12 lawyers on your staff but what you do have is "The Mom Rule."

"The Mom Rule" is a simple rule used by a lot of people who just ask themselves, "Would I be okay showing this to my mom?" Now where you get into trouble is when you are knowingly creating something that your mom won't like, say, sexy girls jumping up and down on beds while having pillow fights. In cases like that you might want to substitute "mom" with a favorite aunt or your sister or someone who you think has good judgment but isn't too much of a square. Having some line in place and knowing what that line is, is really important. Especially if you are going to have advertisers.

Now as far as that bad thing in that movie star's video...

If you tell people about a movie star posting a video that you think crosses a line won't that just send more people to see that movie stars video?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Office: Top 10 Pranks On Dwight

Now I never got into The Office when it first launched on NBC because I was a big fan of the original British series of The Office but over time I have come to enjoy the American version.

That said, I found the above video of The Office: Top 10 Pranks On Dwight and I thought it was a good example of Old Media making good use of new media. What I don't understand is why it only has 100,000 views but I have a theory.

I think this video may have been posted and then turned off for the announcement of the Joint YouTube killer Hulu and then turned back on.

That, or maybe the fans of NBC's The Office don't use YouTube and the users of YouTube don't care about The Office.

In either case this little "Top Ten" recap idea is something you could use to create an additional episode of your own web series without having to shoot a new episode.

And if you have your advertising inventory sold that could mean more profit for you.

Monday, November 19, 2007

NBC picks up Quarterlife

According to Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis: DIGITAL email news letter, "It looks as though Quarterlife creators Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick have managed to get their show on the air after all. NBC picked up the rights to broadcast, sell on DVD and stream the show in the U.S. and internationally, planning to premier it on air sometime in February or March after it completes its initial 36 webisode run on Yahoo TV. The deal breaks mold in various ways. It is the first primetime show to debut online then secure a network spot. (Herskovitz and Zwick first pitched Quarterlife to ABC 3 years ago, but the network ultimately passed on it.) Although NBC will contribute to production and development costs, the two producers will retain ownership and creative control of the show, according to reports. Finally, the show may be strike proof as it's primarily an independently-financed online venture not subject to the strike embargo."

Now I'm not sure how that falls under "strike proof" but it will be interesting to see how this one plays out both on and off TV and what happens when it eventualy gets canceled on NBC. Will it go back to the Internet? Or stop production for good?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prom Queen Paintball Day

Today I played paintball with some of the actors and the writers/producers/directors and editors of Promqueen.

I'm too sore to type anymore.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Latest in Online Video Advertising YuMe

Robert Scoble "wanted to find out what the latest is in video advertising." Jayant Kadambi, CEO of YuMe networks shows him the latest. If you're in the video business you'll want to watch this one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Tee Vee Live

Scott Beale from Laughing Squid" took a great photo of my heros Kent Nichols from Ask A Ninja and Jeff Macpherson from Tiki Bar TV and me while we were at the New Tee Vee Live conference this week.

If it wasn't for Jeff I wouldn't have launched French Maid TV and if it wasn't for Kent I wouldn't have UTA as my agent. I love what both of these guy have done for our industry and getting to hang out with them together is always fun.

As far as the New Tee Vee Live conference goes... well.. I'd have to say it was...great.

The VC suits were out in force and there were even some advertising people there as well.

Liz Gannes, Om Malik and the whole New Tee Vee gang did a fantastic job of bringing the right crowd together and I hope they do another conference soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Groovy Doog

From Ask A Ninja to Weird Al Doogtoons has animated the gamut. His views per episode on Revver are in the tens of thousands on YouTube they are in the hundreds of thousands even millions and he has been one of the most popular podcasts on the iTunes Store for a couple of years.

His videos are evergreen and they will continue to be discovered by new viewers as time goes on. Doogtoons is a great example of long tail content that has built a following and continues to do so.

If Doug Bresler was getting paid the CPM that Cable Networks are getting paid he could be making a living from his work.

Let's all hope that advertising media buyers see Doug's work, the audience demographic he reaches with his online videos and that they offer him a little cash in his hand for the value he provides...if he wants that sort of thing.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Know the Real Lance Anderson

In a recent episode of Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary Abigail sings the Pussycat Doll's hit "Don't You with Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?" to the boy of her dreams Lance Anderson.

Now what makes this video really funny to me is that I know the real Lance Anderson who Abigail's Crush is based on. The real Lance Anderson is the founder of the LA Podcasters and I was there when Hayden Black who created Abigail met Lance at an LA Podcaster's Meet Up.

I have no idea what the real Lance Anderson thinks about his name sake and Abigail for that matter but all seem to be doing fine. No "awkward turtles" yet.

Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary is a big risk for Hayden and he seams to be getting thousands of views and building an audience. It will be interesting to see how his show grows and monetizes.

If you want to meet Hayden or the Real Lance Anderson be sure and stop by a meeting of the LA Podcasters. It's a fun time.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

quarterlife Leaves Me Wanting More

Well, if you ever take a writing class there are two rules they tell you right off the bat: “Show it don’t say it.” And “Don’t write about writing.”

That said, My Space’s new online series quarterlife sponsored by Toyota, is breaking rules right out of the gate.

After watching the first episode I have yet to see any subtext in the script everything seems right on the nose. I want this show to be good. No scratch that, I want this show to be great and to break new ground on the Internet so that it opens doors for all of us video content creators and creates a marketplace for online video.

I hope writer/director Marshall Herskovitz and his creative partner Edward Zwick can pull it together for the next episodes. I was expecting a lot more from them and from quarterlife. quarterlife leaves me wanting more...a lot more.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do What You Love

What if someone told you that you could create a weekly comedy show and shoot it with a significant other in the comfort of your own apartment?

Well that is pretty much what they get to do at GALACTICAST.

GALACTICAST is a weekly comedy show parodying all the worlds of geek-dom. From their apartment studio, Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan (along with the other Galacticast players) mash-up their love of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, and video-games to bring you hilarious sketches every Monday morning.

Now what if you could do all that and get paid for it?

Now Galacticast is a finalist in THREE categories for the Parsec Awards!

Beyond all that Casey and Rudy are cornerstones in the online video / podcast / video blogging communites and I hope they can continue to have fun doing what they love to do and make more money at it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Happy Video Chick

She's cute as a button and a very funny and sexy girl that knows how to show a little skin in a family friendly way.

Her videos are among the most viewed on Revver and Youtube, she has a large fan base of subscribers and she is making money in online video by making fun of her family and friends. Some how this has struck an emotional cord with an international audience.

The name of her show is Happy Slip. That name comes from when she was younger and her Filipino mother was always quick to remind her to wear a half slip with her skirts. Her mother would say “Your hap eslip!! Be sure to wear your hap eslip!!”. So she grew up thinking - the term was always “happy slip”, until she was corrected by classmates who asked her if she had a sad slip as well.

She is her own production team doing everything for the videos from the scripting, directing, acting, and editing. Occasionally she will ask a family member to hold the camera for more complex scenes. She uses GarageBand, her own instruments, and sometimes feature original music from a friend, or else parody someone else’s music.

Now she's been nominated by The Filipino Channel’s “Balitang America” for Newsmaker of 2007!

She is a pioneer in online video.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stick to What You are Really Good At

TubeMogul is great at uploading videos and tracking the views of those videos across the internet for FREE.

They also have some great tips about making your video viral but when it comes to creating viral videos themselves they should leave it to the creative types like the Tracecats.

"How We Met" is a touching tale of stickman and stickwoman (drawn on bodies) and how the two lovers fell in love.

More info at: http://www.zoomintosee.com

The music is by Son of Dave.

And don't get me wrong, I love Brett Wilson and the guys at TubeMogul, you should sign up for their service, they just should hand their camera and editing equipment over to someone else for a while. ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Think Global International Distribution

When film making first started films had international distribution. Why? Because they were silent films with no language barriers and they had universal appeal.

Taking a look at the above video at first glance it has international distribution appeal right? Well, maybe. The guys at Future Thought Productions have done an excellent job of creating a funny animated short entitled "Crime Time: The Gift" about "Shifty (The Criminal) , a pint-sized pilferer with lofty ambitions and limited brainpower" who "dresses up like Santa Claus in an attempt to make off with stolen Christmas gifts." It's fun and it works...in places that they celebrate Christmas.

Action and Sex translate best in other cultures but comedy can be hit or miss depending on the culture of a country or region where your viral video might be playing. Fortunately for Shifty cops and robbers is a great global theme and hopefully this little gem will get lots of play world wide this Christmas season an earn team Future Thought the views and money they deserve. For more shorts from Future Thought check out their website http://shorts.futurethought.tv

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ze Frank

Women adore him and men want to be him. His original cool hip cerebral comedy style and quick edits are mimicked across the Internet - so much so that when people only familiar with YouTube see him now after his six month sabbatical they will think he is copying someone else.

He's the hero of many a video blogger and we've not seen him since last Spring's SXSW. For those of you who don't know, he did a short show for one year, "the show with zefrank" which was produced Monday through Friday for one year (March 17, 2006 - March 17, 2007). Then he signed with a big Hollywood Agent and took a break. I've not seen his mug online until yesterday when I came across Chris Albrecht's post on NewTeeVee.

Beyond being loved by journalist, vloggers, podcasters and his regular fans the man known as Ze Frank has experimented with online video monetization by selling t-shirts, ringtones, songs and even digital ducks.

What's next for Ze Frank?

I don't know but I'd bet it's better than regular TV.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Video for Your iPhone

Kyte.tv has a video player that works on the iPhone through the Safari Browser.

Does your video podcast or vlog play on the iPhone through the iPhone Safari browser?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Is The Daily Reel Done?

In an email today Alexandra Delyle says:


I wanted to let you know that today will be my last day as managing editor of The Daily Reel. I'm about to move from LA to New York, where I have taken a job as a marketing producer for the Webby Awards.

It's been a great pleasure working with all of you through The Daily Reel; I'm sure our paths will cross again in the very near future."

A quick look at their website shows a banner ad for the great conference they put on at Digital Hollywood two days ago, the podcast says October 20 and the last post on their company blog is Sept 18.

The Daily Reel has been a great supporter of content creators, featuring the likes of

Pierre: A Hole with A View

Pierre, a Hole with a View

Posted Aug 16, 2007

Alluding to recenty released animated feature Ratatouille, this captivating, elegant live-action story turns kinky and romantic when a French mouse falls in love with his new gorgeus human roommate.

Stop It

and Obama Girl Vs. Giuliani Girl.

If it is the end, maybe it started when Felicia Williams left The Daily Reel and went to YouTube. It seems that a lot of the spunk and spice that TDR had in the past is showing up on the Entertainment Page of Youtube.

One thing is for sure, Alex Delyle will be missed as part of our community here in Los Angeles.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Revver Launches Revver 2.0

The Baby falls over and Revver launches 2.0

Now go upload something there,send me a link and tell me how you are making money with online video.