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Friday, November 9, 2007

A Happy Video Chick

She's cute as a button and a very funny and sexy girl that knows how to show a little skin in a family friendly way.

Her videos are among the most viewed on Revver and Youtube, she has a large fan base of subscribers and she is making money in online video by making fun of her family and friends. Some how this has struck an emotional cord with an international audience.

The name of her show is Happy Slip. That name comes from when she was younger and her Filipino mother was always quick to remind her to wear a half slip with her skirts. Her mother would say “Your hap eslip!! Be sure to wear your hap eslip!!”. So she grew up thinking - the term was always “happy slip”, until she was corrected by classmates who asked her if she had a sad slip as well.

She is her own production team doing everything for the videos from the scripting, directing, acting, and editing. Occasionally she will ask a family member to hold the camera for more complex scenes. She uses GarageBand, her own instruments, and sometimes feature original music from a friend, or else parody someone else’s music.

Now she's been nominated by The Filipino Channel’s “Balitang America” for Newsmaker of 2007!

She is a pioneer in online video.


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered if she did all the work on the Happy Slip videos herself. The ones that involve her family are the funniest. I am a big fan!

Brian said...


Christine and her Happy Slip videos crack me up. The soap opera saga, the family vids (dis-a-sterrrrr), the music vids,...everything...so funny.

Don't forget your Happy Slip!!!