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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do What You Love

What if someone told you that you could create a weekly comedy show and shoot it with a significant other in the comfort of your own apartment?

Well that is pretty much what they get to do at GALACTICAST.

GALACTICAST is a weekly comedy show parodying all the worlds of geek-dom. From their apartment studio, Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan (along with the other Galacticast players) mash-up their love of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, and video-games to bring you hilarious sketches every Monday morning.

Now what if you could do all that and get paid for it?

Now Galacticast is a finalist in THREE categories for the Parsec Awards!

Beyond all that Casey and Rudy are cornerstones in the online video / podcast / video blogging communites and I hope they can continue to have fun doing what they love to do and make more money at it.

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