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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online Video Goes Yellow

Yellowpages.com is now offering video advertising.

According to their site, Yellowpages.com, "There are no up-front production fees. Just purchase a Listing Ad and choose your product"

Users can select from a "Video Profile" where Yellowpages.com will "create a unique video, using your photos and brand guidelines, to showcase your company's benefits and location or you can chose the premium "Video Profile" Where a video production team shoots your custom video on location — with you as the star! You'll spend a few minutes in a pre-production meeting, and one hour participating in the on-location shoot." Wow it's like Hollywood coming to your door step.

YELLOWPAGES.COM will display a video icon as a link on your ad then all your consumer has to do is "click and play" to see your business in action. Viewers can also forward your video to their friends, gaining you extra free advertising value! You can even add your Video Profile to your Web site.

The "30-second Video Profile will be distributed as part of your YELLOWPAGES.COM advertising and will enhance your priority on the YELLOWPAGES.COM site."

Now let's see who they farm out the production work to, if you will be able to do it yourself and more importantly if there will be any advertising Rev Share!

Please let me know if you find out anything more on this one. This is a marketplace that small business owners can get their heads around.

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