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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Think Global International Distribution

When film making first started films had international distribution. Why? Because they were silent films with no language barriers and they had universal appeal.

Taking a look at the above video at first glance it has international distribution appeal right? Well, maybe. The guys at Future Thought Productions have done an excellent job of creating a funny animated short entitled "Crime Time: The Gift" about "Shifty (The Criminal) , a pint-sized pilferer with lofty ambitions and limited brainpower" who "dresses up like Santa Claus in an attempt to make off with stolen Christmas gifts." It's fun and it works...in places that they celebrate Christmas.

Action and Sex translate best in other cultures but comedy can be hit or miss depending on the culture of a country or region where your viral video might be playing. Fortunately for Shifty cops and robbers is a great global theme and hopefully this little gem will get lots of play world wide this Christmas season an earn team Future Thought the views and money they deserve. For more shorts from Future Thought check out their website http://shorts.futurethought.tv

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