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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Groovy Doog

From Ask A Ninja to Weird Al Doogtoons has animated the gamut. His views per episode on Revver are in the tens of thousands on YouTube they are in the hundreds of thousands even millions and he has been one of the most popular podcasts on the iTunes Store for a couple of years.

His videos are evergreen and they will continue to be discovered by new viewers as time goes on. Doogtoons is a great example of long tail content that has built a following and continues to do so.

If Doug Bresler was getting paid the CPM that Cable Networks are getting paid he could be making a living from his work.

Let's all hope that advertising media buyers see Doug's work, the audience demographic he reaches with his online videos and that they offer him a little cash in his hand for the value he provides...if he wants that sort of thing.

1 comment:

Doogtoons said...

I just discovered this post! Thanks Tim for the good words. :)