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Friday, November 30, 2007

Pain Killers Not Vitamins

Companies come to me all the time with exciting new technologies that they want me to test or use for French Maid TV.

From subtitling technology to dynamic ad insertion to hot spot clickable video advertising I get to see a lot of cool Web 2.0 tech. What I don't get to see are a lot of good business models.

After I demo some new tech and like it I ask the people what their revenue model is and I can't tell you how many times I get the , "Well you pay us $xxx per month." If I was a big company with a budget for new tech that might be a way to go but I think a lot of these new start ups are really missing the boat.

Sure I've had a little success with monetizing online video but I'm not rolling in money. I need pain killers not vitamins.

"Tim's on drugs now, look out.", you say. No I'm not dating Tina. I'm talking about technology that is a win win for both sides without investment.

Take a look at Revver and Podango they both offer FREE Hosting and the ever so wonderful 50/50 Rev Share split. Kind of similar to some studio deals.

How cool is that? Two years ago when I launched French Maid TV I was paying $4000 per month in video hosting. Now with companies like Revver and Podango I can make almost that much each month by hosting my videos at sites like theirs. Truth be told I don't have any files at Podango and I sure would like to have them there but they are a "Family Friendly" site and I can respect that.

So my advice to you as a content producer is look for the technology to be FREE with a revshare that is 50/50 or better in your favor and for all of you Web 2.0 Techies that are slumming it at my blog / vlog about Internet Video I say, "Get your act together and help us monetize our video by offering us a FREE service that makes us both money that we split 50/50."

Lower your head, watch your step and enjoy the rest of your day on the Internet.

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