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Sunday, November 11, 2007

quarterlife Leaves Me Wanting More

Well, if you ever take a writing class there are two rules they tell you right off the bat: “Show it don’t say it.” And “Don’t write about writing.”

That said, My Space’s new online series quarterlife sponsored by Toyota, is breaking rules right out of the gate.

After watching the first episode I have yet to see any subtext in the script everything seems right on the nose. I want this show to be good. No scratch that, I want this show to be great and to break new ground on the Internet so that it opens doors for all of us video content creators and creates a marketplace for online video.

I hope writer/director Marshall Herskovitz and his creative partner Edward Zwick can pull it together for the next episodes. I was expecting a lot more from them and from quarterlife. quarterlife leaves me wanting more...a lot more.

1 comment:

Steve said...

talk about an unsustainable show! supposedly $50K for these episodes? i saw the first two and stifled yawns throughout.

there's no indication that the producers understand online media whatsoever. and yet another show with white people in their 20's whining about everything? yeah, rela representative of the global Internet audience.

zero stars from me.

the web is not a dumping ground for failed television pilots. it's exactly this kind of thinking that hurts original online video content.