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Monday, November 5, 2007

Video for Your iPhone

Kyte.tv has a video player that works on the iPhone through the Safari Browser.

Does your video podcast or vlog play on the iPhone through the iPhone Safari browser?


Anonymous said...


I found your post today very exciting. I frequently read your blog from my iphone and miss out on the videos since the iphone safari browser can't deal with flash or java.

Unfortunately, while I can go directly to kyte.tv on my iphone and see view videos in my iphone safari browser, I could not see the flash embed code from kyte.tv that you posted on your blog.

Since I saw you had a channel at Kyte.tv I thought the URL Kyte.tv generated for your video might work. I went to http://www.kyte.tv/FrenchMaidTV and entered the specific link to that French Maid TV video in my iphone browser. It found the page but would not play the video. Even clicking on the home page for Kyte.tv would still not bring up the Kyte.tv mobile site.

The only way to get to see videos in safari on my iphone at Kyte.tv was through the front door at http://www.kyte.tv. Only then does it seem to launch the special kyte.tv mobile site. Otherwise you just have to bookmark http://mobile.kyte.tv.

Kyte does allow you to set up channels like
But it does not work to go to your channel on the mobile site

I found an interview with Daniel Graf, CEO of Kyte.tv on Robert Scoble's blog Scobleizer. Daniel Graf said you have to go to mobile.kyte.tv to see video on browsers. I think Kyte has some unique features to offer but getting video working on mobile devices is still fairly limited. Perhaps my expectations are just too high for what I want my iphone to do.

I am curious how other video sharing sites are going to deal with mobile browsing.


Jason said...

Hi Jenn,

I'm a developer for Kyte. I appreciated hearing your comments about the mobile Kyte experience. This was our first release of the mobile website so we are still working out the kinks and improving it. We have already addressed some of the issues that you were having in our next release. So please stay tuned. As always, we like hearing how we can improve things.

Thanks for checking out Kyte and writing about it. I look forward to seeing future shows from you on Kyte.


Jason said...


Another feature that might improve the mobile experience, is to subscribe to the channels that you are interested in. When you log into the mobile web, there will be a list of activity on those channels that you have subscribed to. That list is called kytefeed.