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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is a Way to Dynamically Deliver Ads into Quicktime Videos for FREE

So I was thinking about what I want for Christmas this year and the only thing that popped in my head was that I want some technology. I want the really cool kind of technology that Volo, Podaddies and Castfire have to deliver dynamically inserted ads into Quicktime Video and I would also like this technology for FREE. Then maybe as a stocking stuffer I could go for some hip ad networks that have advertising inventory that they want to deliver to people who watch videos on their iPhones and iPods.

"Tim, the research, programming, hard work, sweat and tears that went into this technology is worth something. Why would you dare ask for it for FREE?"

That's a good question and here's my answer.

The current rate card for these technologies run at about a $5 CPM to dynamically deliver ads into Quicktime video. If I want to build out my inventory, get it up and running and test it with my own promos, cross promos from my friends or even run some CPA ads I can't afford a $5 CPM because I deliver too many videos and I would go broke.

"Well you have to spend money to make money Tim."

Yes you do, but you don't have to spend money on technology that won't pay for itself.

"But Tim, it will pay for itself. If you install it advertisers will come."

OK, then how about you install it for FREE and let's watch the advertisers come?

Well, I ah, I'm going to need to, ah let me talk to my boss.

OK. While you are talking to your boss I'm going to talk to some friends of mine on the Internet and find out how close they are to finishing video ad insertion for Quicktime that will run on the Open X banner ad server I installed FOR FREE to deliver banner ads on my site. Cause there are several people working on it.

Hey Chris Pirillo how is your little video ad insertion project coming?


Codex said...

I hear you. I found a wonderful technology that inserts subtitles onto videos, really slick and beautiful. 5k startup and then a rev share fee depending on your hits. I'm like, "dude, I'm not making money here!" We're all in this startup thing together. The quicker we get everyone on the same page and create a standard, the quicker we're going to make money, all at the same time.

1 Tim Street said...

I do understand people not wanting to give technology away for free but we don't live in that world anymore.

Just take a look at Google Analytics and tell me you are going to start an analytics company that charges for analytics.

There needs to be a free and an up sell.