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Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Is Seth Macfarlane's Promo a Big Deal?

Seth Macfarlane's Promo is a co-branded promo that is utilizing widget technology from Gigya to deliver a 300x250 banner ad that has video, click-able links and allows for embeds on third party sites.

So what? It's just a stupid promo for Seth Macfarlane's new cartoon comedy Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy?

No it's not.

It is a co-branded advertisement where Burger King paid not only for the creation of the 300x250 interactive banner and the promo in the banner they also paid for the ad buy on the placement of that interactive widget AND for the creation of Seth Macfarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy and a co-branded site.


But more importantly, YouTube/Burger King allowed me to grab that widget and embed it on my site.

What's so important about that Tim? I grab embeds all the time and put them on my site.

Yes you do but you don't grab embeds that are 300x250 banner ads and place them on your site. Big advertisers have never wanted their ads to go places that they couldn't control but for now it looks like Burger King is willing to give that a try and who knows, with this widget technology they might be able to control it. (But that's another blog post for another time.)

This is a really big deal.


Because in the past if you were going to launch a new show you had to build an audience before you could find an advertiser who would be willing to spend money sponsoring your show but now the rules have changed.

Now I can find a sponsor who like the idea of my new show (that hasn't launched yet) and I can guarantee them ad impressions with my new show.

How can you do that?

If they sponsor a co-branded widget or co-branded Google Gadget Ad with my video content in it and I buy placement across the Google Ad Universe I can guarantee them the amount of impressions I buy from Google because I know Google will deliver those 300x250 interactive banners to any relevant site that I buy space on.

What? You're going to buy advertising on Google? Where are you going to get money to do that?

I'll get the money from the sponsor that wants to get their name out there. The will have their branding on the 300x250 banner right next to and around my video content. And they will get the impressions they pay for and I will build an audience for my show.

Do I have to have a new show?

No you don't. You just need a sponsor who believes in your show.

Take French Maid TV for example. Let's say that a big sponsor who would normally advertise in Maxim magazine or on Spike TV has a new product that needs to be explained to 18-34 year old males. In the past I know the French Maid TV videos would only deliver between 1 Million and 5 Million views for my sponsor. If I have a sponsor who wanted to get 30 million impressions I couldn't guarantee that. But now if a sponsor wants the French Maids to explain their product and service I know that I can reach as many people as my sponsor is willing to pay for and with the embed maybe even more.

So that's why Seth Macfarlane's promo a big deal?

Now get out there go meet some potential sponsors and get them to sponsor your new show!


rafi said...

Nice. I like that Google Ads plan... very smart.

Jill said...

Great post. An important development explained clearly and easily. Thanks.

Steve Garfield said...

Great explanation.

David August said...

Great post. This is getting exciting!

Tyler Malin said...

The funny thing is that it is possible that since the IO with google will expire at some point Macfarlane will have to remove the integrated BK imagery from the vid's and take down the content as it exists.