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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tubemogul Launches Marketplace for Online Video Producers and Advertisers

Today the leading online video super syndication/distribution analytics company Tubemogul launched a marketplace that is a dating site for online video content creators and advertisers complete with profiles, viewership statistics and more.

Right now the FREE Tubemogul Marketplace just covers stats of Flash videos but Tubemogul CEO Brett Wilson tells me that more features are on their way and may include the listing of Quicktime / downloadable stats as well.

I had a chance to speak with Brett about the launch of the Tubemogul Marketplace while I was at the New Media Expo in Vegas. After you watch that video be sure to see if your videos are already listed in the Tubemogul Top 40. If not you may want to set up a profile.

I'm very excited about Tubemogul launching this marketplace I think it will give brand marketers, advertisers and media buyers the statistics they need to make the right buys for the brands they represent and more importantly it will give independent content producers a fighting chance to be seen for the views they have and how they compare to cable TV views.

If only independent online video producers got paid cable TV CPM rates, our world would be a better place and here's out chance.

Thanks Tubemogul.

Hopefully other companies will follow your lead and we will see several companies competing the way text ads competed.


David said...

We totally stole your "dating site" line--awesome!

Daisy Whitney said...

I wonder if advertisers will use this...