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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Halo 3 Early Release Sneak Peak

The stars came out for a Sneak Peak of Halo 3 and three-time Emmy Award seat filler, Woody Wittman, put on his gamer face and corraled a herd of nerds, including Dane Cook, Josh Duhamel and Matt Leinart, for a sneak peak at Halo 3.

I've never seen Woddy's show before but I after Googling him it looks like he's been doing his site Dateline Hollywood since 2003. He does have a mic flag so they let him next to the red carpet and he did manage to say several offensive things to the celebrities passing by. So he must be welcome there.

It looks like he's represented by UTA and is using Weblog Ads. I shot him an email to see if he's going to the Podcast and New Media Expo. I'd love to chat with him and see if he's making any money.

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