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Friday, September 7, 2007

How do you measure your podcast?

There are many online videos that have more views than cable TV shows have viewers but online video producers don’t get paid the advertising dollars that cable TV networks do for ad sales. The above video Lucky Night has had over 4 Million views on Revver and in the Cable TV world that would generate some advertising dollars but online it has made only $62 in advertising revenue.

Top Brands are reluctant to spend their advertising budgets in online video because they aren’t sure what their brand will appear next to (like a fart joke, a kick to the nuts video or two girls kissing a lesbian kiss) and there are no standards in place for measuring online video views, downloads or ratings.

This is a topic we are trying to address with the newly formed.
Association of Downloadable Media .

The “ADM” Mission Statement is:

To provide leadership in and organization of advertising and audience measurement standards, research, education and advocacy to all those involved in portable media (Podcasts/ATOM/RSS media enclosures) across the Internet, iPods, MP3 players, mobile devices, P2P and other upcoming platforms.

We will be having an organizational meeting at the

Podcast and New Media Expo
Sept 28th.

So if you would like to get involved and run for a position on the board or a committee now is your chance to help jump start this conversation and get some standards in place so that advertisers, aggregators and content creators can all speak the same language and really get the online video and podcast advertising business rolling.

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