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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Revver Pays Producers 1 Million Dollars!

Revver Reaches One Million Dollar Mark

LOS ANGELES --(Business Wire)-- Revver, Inc. (www.revver.com), the first video sharing service powered by advertising, today announced that it has paid one million dollars to video creators and sharers. To celebrate this success, which coincides with the site's one-year anniversary today, Revver presented Doug Bresler, the creator of the animated series "Doogtoons," with an honorary check for the millionth dollar earned.

"The time and place to be an independent creator is right now, online," said Steven Starr, founder and chairman of Revver. "Smart advertisers are financing an online economy that supports these creators, and the top talent will build fortunes. This is historic: It is the birth of a sustainable art form, and it's happening before our eyes."

Thousands of people have used Revver to earn money, sharing videos online to support their work or to bring in extra dollars. Today, Revver remains unique in the marketplace. Matching every video uploaded - whether professional or amateur - with an advertisement, Revver splits the ad revenue 50/50 with the video's creator and shares twenty percent off the top with the video's distributor.

"Today's achievement is further evidence that Revver's model works: Our ad products are bringing brand messages to willing audiences and driving revenue for our creators," said Kevin Wells, CEO. "Revver's creators are drawing millions of motivated viewers, and we're giving them the tools to capitalize on that. Since the introduction of pre-roll ads as an option this summer, many are earning four to seven times more revenue."

Revver launched the 1.0 version of its site in September 2006 to foster the independent creator community emerging on the Internet. From the beginning, the Revver business model sought to reward these creators for sharing their work. By screening submissions and not accepting copyright-infringing content, Revver is able to monetize each and every video. The company's performance-based advertising system also rewards video owners based on the popularity of their content without instituting barriers to entry. The result is the first open and effective marketplace for online video.

"When I began creating videos I found Revver, and I couldn't have picked a better way to start," said Doug Bresler of the animated series "Doogtoons" and recipient of the honorary millionth dollar earned with Revver. "Revver was built for someone like me - someone who wants to build a future creating videos for the Web - and that has made all the difference."

About Revver

Revver is the first video sharing service powered by advertising. Revver allows anyone to share videos across the Internet as well as broadcast and mobile distribution channels and rewards them with a percentage of the advertising revenue generated. Revver also upholds content owners' rights by not accepting copyright-infringing content. For more information, visit www.revver.com.

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