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Saturday, September 22, 2007

One of the Best Online Video Business Models

The "Leave Britney Alone" Guy has been trying to become famous for awhile by video blogging on Youtube but it wasn’t until a few days ago that he landed 8 Million views in a week with his Leave Britney Alone video. He now has a TV Show deal in the works but had he been selling something other than himself he could have already made some money with his online videos.

One of the best business models for online video monetization is where you are using your videos to sell your own products and you are getting paid on the back end as well.

Take for example the Will It Blend videos from Blendtec. (The one above is "Will It Blend Chuck Norris.") These guys are selling blenders. They make funny videos that are emotionally compelling commercials for their product then they post the videos on Revver and get paid thousands of dollars from Revver for the advertising that is placed next to their own commercial. Imagine getting paid for your own commercial?

The only thing better is if you were getting paid upfront to sell someone else’s products (that don’t cost you money to produce) so that your video production costs were paid for and you could sell your own products (say a DVD, T-Shirt or Calender) as well while still getting paid for the advertising.

So you get paid upfront by a sponsor, that covers your production costs, then you get paid by advertisiers and you sell your own products. Sounds like what Ask a Ninja is doing.

Now would you like me to tell you the Leave Brittney Alone Guy's Real Name ?

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