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Friday, February 22, 2008

Incredible Product Interation

Here's some Incredible Product Integration from Apple and Pixar.

According to reelverse on YouTube"

" I was watching The Incredibles this weekend with my family and couldn't help but notice that Mr. Incredible took out that iconic envelope and a computer came out. All that was missing was the "New Soul" song.
I spent about six hours making this video, but I couldn't help but make it. I hope that Pixar and Apple don't get too upset. I'll take it down as soon as they ask.
Since many have asked. Here's how I did it:
It did take a long time to find the actual clip because I didn't want the entire movie. Once I found it, I had to look through 4 minutes of video and then cut that into about 30 seconds on a slower program because my video program wouldn't import MP4s. After I cut it to 30 seconds, I had to export it to another format that I could begin to edit and add the multiple layers. Once in my semi professional editing program, I started looking for pictures of the MacBook Air. After downloading about 15 pictures I used just one but I had to fix it because it was a partial picture. About a tenth of the book was missing from the picture. It did take me a while to make the MacBook Air look complete. Then I imported that picture in FCExpress (my editing program) and began matching the movement of the original device with the MBA. I then realized that to make it come out of the envelope I had to put another layer on top of the envelope to cover the MBA. To do that I had to take a picture of the entire scene and export that to Photoshop and delete the rest of the scene and just keep the envelope. Once I had just the envelope, I made it move with the original envelope to cover the MBA until it was released into Mr. Incredible's hand. Then I saw that the MBA covered Mr. I's thumb, so I had to do the same procedure for his thumb of taking a picture of the screen, keeping the thumb and matching the movements to the original. I had to do that with his right thumb too. Then I realized that the sound hadn't carried over from the original burn so I had to import the original sound but then realized that only part of the sound was appropriate because there was beeping and talking in it. So I had find other music to cover the parts where there was talking and that took a while. I finally put the new music towards the end of the video and then made the words appear at the end of the video with no problem. I did however have to edit the last picture of the MBA so that I kept only the MBA and not the background. All that plus many renderings and the program quitting on me one time before I saved took 6 hr."

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