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Monday, February 11, 2008

SXSW Turned Me Down

So it looks like unless something changes I won't be going to SXSW this year. I sent in a request for a blogger pass but the deadline was last Friday and they turned me down.


Last year SXSW was very interesting. It was where I got my first exposure to Twitter and saw it in action in real time. Someone would be at a party and twitter if they had free food and drinks and then we would all go to the party that had the best selection.

I think this year's SXSW will be more exciting than last year's even if I'm not there.


Clintus McGintus said...

I have too many other trips planned this year and couldn't swing the dough myself. I could come to LA though and we could cuddle around our phones watching the twitter updates from SXSW. I'm just saying....

1 Tim Street said...

SXSW West?

I like it.