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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Radio, TV, Internet and Live Event - Know your Audience

So NBC has partnered with LA Radio Station 97.1 KLSX in a promotion for the resurrection of the TV Show Night Rider. To do this they are running a contest to win tickets to the Playboy Mansion.

The cool thing is that they are using a YouTube Video with a PROMO Code at the end of the video that you need to enter and they are promoting it on the radio and on the KLSX website.

"Register to win your chance to attend the hottest party of the year - NBC's Knight Rider Launch Party on February 12th at the world-famous Playboy Mansion...

Hosted by 97.1 FREE FM, this star-studded event will feature a live 4-hour broadcast with The Adam Carolla Show and guest appearances by Danny Bonaduce and of course, the beautiful Playboy Bunnies.

Watch the Knight Rider trailer to find out the secret code - then register to win your spot at the Knight Rider Launch Party!

This television debut is powered by Knight Rider, premiering 9 P.M. February 17th on NBC, and the Mustang GT 500 KR Secret Agents here at 97.1 - The FM Talk Station."

I think this event will be a success and the word will get out about Knight Rider but I'm not sure that the people who will be tuning in to the new Knight Rider will sign up for this contest because they won't be old enough to get in to the Playboy Mansion.

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