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Friday, January 25, 2008

More Stuff That Super Bowl Ads Are Made Of

Not to be outdone by the Pepsi creative team the Bud Lite Creative team was quick to fire off an email to me with a tease of their Super Bowl spots and I must say they too are playing with the human emotions in brilliant Super Bowl fashion. Looking at all these Super Bowl spots ahead of time feels kind or wrong to me - Kind of like seeing Mickey with his head off but what the heck here's a little tease of what you are going to see:

A-B has made teasers of several of the spots they’ll be running during this year’s game available on YouTube:
Breathe Fire:

X-Ray Vision: (MY FAV)


Team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPr4ECNzPTk

Language of Love:

But that’s not all. There’s also a mobile execution that ties into the spots. Here are some rough bullets on how that’s working:
Over the next two weeks, visitors to BudBowl.com, BudLight.com and Budweiser.com will be invited to participate in an interactive program during Super Bowl in which they can rate our Super Bowl ads.
Following each of our Super Bowl commercials, registered adults receive a text message to their cell phone prompting them to reply with a rating.
Following the final ad, participants receive a final text message with a code allowing them to unlock the secret 11th spot available via their video enabled cell phone or on BudBowl.com.
Consumers who view the secret spot will be invited to send a customized humorous messages to their friends inviting them to view the secret spot.
All of the ads will be available for download to PDAs, phones and iPods on Budbowl.com.

For the first time, Bud will include a widget that allows users to post their favorite ads on their own MySpace, Facebook, or other personal web site to share with their friends.

What's Up with spending so much time talking about traditional TV Ads? Because the stuff that goes into them affects our pop culture and our internet videos for years to come.


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