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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nalts Discloses Fees

In the above video is one of his most popular Revver files where he shares his "Addiction to Blackberry Crackberry" and on his blog Will Video for Food Kevin Nalts has published his rates.

Nalts says, "Let me disclose my own fee structure and hope others will do the same. I initially was happy with $1,000 per video (for Mentos and some of my early work), but soon discovered my hourly rate computed to less than minimal wage. And I was juggling more work than I could handle with a day job. I also didn’t want to junk my YouTube channel with excessive sponsored videos, which alienating my subscribers (especially since many resent YouTube’s InVid ads, which produce far less income for me than sponsored videos).

Now I’m pricing between $3,000 and $10,000, but there are a few reasons I can price this way:

I have a decent track record, and fortunately more demand than time.
I have a steady audience on YouTube so most of my videos will get at least 20-40,000 views.
I have a marketing background, and provide strategy and a creative brief before diving into the video.
I try to produce several videos so a brand can amortize the cost (and generally I get some efficiencies out of a series).
I have gobs of debt (hey, just keeping it real here)."

I think his rates are a little low for the service he's offering.


Nalts said...

Tim- thanks so much. I'm always bouncing between feeling like I shouldn't charge so much to feeling like I'm way under pricing. It's that feeling I get when it's time to tip.

1 Tim Street said...

Don't think about charging for the production as much as charging for the eyeballs you are going to deliver. Put a $30 CPM on your views for past work and see if you charged too much or too little. Then tack your production charges on top and add 20-30% mark up on your production.

Some people in this space are getting $80 - $100 CPMs but not on a regular basis.