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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Promise of the Thumbnail

Okay, Here's what I've been waiting to see from Google for a long time and this is the first time I've noticed it. Permission Based Video Advertising. Unfortunately it didn't work the way it should.

I was surfing Revver to see what was new and I clicked on a funny video. Next to the video I was watching was another video player that was a Google Advertisement for USA's New Season of Psych.

After I got done watching the video I wanted to watched on Revver I clicked on the video for Psych because Dulé Hill the guy from West Wing was on the ad. Instead of seeing Dulé Hill I was shown a promo for "Young Shawn and Gus" that is on Psych.

Now I'm not sure I'm going to watch Psych cause the promo didn't tell me what it was about (it only told me about Sean and Gus) and I'm too lazy and not interested enough to go find out (Please note that Mr. Chris McCumber EVP/Marketing, Digital and Brand Strategy USA Network)but I did click on and watch the Google Video ad because the Key Art/Thumbnail gave me a reason to click on it. Unfortunately the Key Art/Thumbnail didn't deliver on my assumed promise.

Anyway, as you move forward in marketing and promoting your podcast or online video think about your Key Art/Thumbnail and what your audience is going to see when they give you permission to deliver to them the promise of that thumbnail. And give that crazy Google Video Advertising thing a try if you can figure out how to use it.

(Having nothing to do with what I'm talking about the USA Network Website calls it "Little Shawn and Gus" but the promo's voice over says "Young")

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1 Tim Street said...

I wish Google would let you embed the video ad.