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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Stuff Super Bowl Ads Are Made Of

Bob's House is the unique and hilarious Pepsi commercial for the 2008 Super Bowl, illustrating a popular joke in the hearing impaired community. Created and enacted by deaf members of the Pepsico workforce, EnAble.

Beyond the great back story of how this Super Bowl ad came together is that fact that depending on who you are this spot blends two or more human emotions with spectacle. It truly has the stuff that Super Bowl Ads are Made of and looks like it will be one of the most talk about ad campaigns of this Super Bowl Season.


1 Tim Street said...

I forgot to mention that the team behind this Pepsi spot pitched the idea internally and were shot down but then they went and shot it themselves, presented it to the Pepsi Marketing team and then got a green light to make the real spot for the Super Bowl.

Sarah said...

What a great story!! Love the commercial.