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Monday, March 3, 2008

Allstate Girls Doing Well on TV but not on the Internet

According to Karl Greenberg of Marketing Daily RACE DRIVER KASEY KAHNE IS appearing in new ads for Allstate Insurance that extend the company's ad campaign using Kahne and a group of women--the "Allstate Girls"--who adore him unconditionally.

"With these two properties, we feel like we are aligning with one of the top teams and drivers in the sport, as well as with one of the most coveted races on the circuit. Certainly, our Allstate Girls commercials have made us one of the most visible sponsors in the sport.", says Pam Hollander who oversees Allstate's sponsorship programs.

Looks like AllState is creating some characters that can be used to market other AllState products. Interesting concept. Someone should try that on the Internet.(Maybe in French Maid costumes ;) )

The "Allstate Girls" commercials seem to be making Allstate happy with their performance on TV and the chat on the racetrack but these TV commercials don't seem to be performing to well on YouTube.

I do think Allstate could have some fun on the Internet with these characters and really generate some buzz by creating online videos that are organic to the Internet instead of just posting their TV commercials online but I don't see what's in it for the ad agency - accept maybe some awards and a little bit of glory.

That's one of the big problems for online video advertising is that it can be very effective for the advertiser but it doesn't make any money for the ad agency. Until the marketplace develops enough so that ad agencies can spend millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars worth on media we are not going to see the ad agencies create online video campaigns for major TV advertisers on a regular basis because it will eat into their TV budgets and there is no "Time Buy."

I could be wrong on this and please feel free to comment if you think I am cause I would love to see more effective integrated marketing that uses characters in online videos.

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ashercastillo said...

Excellent point. With most if not all media buy contracts the amount spent on production is small compared what is spent off of Time purchase. Here in Houston, the agencies that are continuing to grow and produce larger campaigns are the agencies that buy media time for their clients.