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Monday, March 31, 2008

Expanding Your Brand

French Maid TV is known for "How To" videos by French Maids where hot sexy girls dressed as French Maids take products and services from sponsors and explain to young men how to use them. French Maid TV has about 1 million downloads per month of our funny / sexy videos but finding sponsors takes a lot of time, money and effort because the marketplace for this kind of advertising isn't built yet and not every potential sponsor wants to have their brand associated with sexy French Maids.

While the online video integrated advertising marketplace is building I thought I would try a few new things with French Maid TV by creating new non sponsored videos to take advantage of the few online video advertising monetization options that have already come together. I also thought this might be an opportunity expand the French Maid TV brand along the way.

The first new type of video is French Maid Magic which is a new series of Magic Tricks by French Maids. The second thing is the above video 1 Minute Maid which is the first in a series of funny and sexy video profiles of the French Maids.

I've spent a lot of time on the phone doing sales calls to get integrated sponsors for "How To" episodes of French Maid TV and it took me awhile to realize that the marketplace was just not coming together fast enough for me. Instead of giving up I thought I would create some videos that were not "How To's" and I would attach advertising solutions that are now coming together.

I'm currently working on deals with online video advertising networks to add pre-roll, post-roll and overlays to these new French Maid TV series but it's very slow going dealing with contracts and legal departments. That said, I've always found that whenever I post a new episode of French Maid TV in our video podcast feed on iTunes new business opportunities come my way through unsolicited emails. No, I'm not talking about the Nigerian Generals who need bank transfers. I'm talking about real deals for distribution of French Maid TV on other platforms and potential sponsorship deals. So rather than wait for the pre-roll / post-roll overlay deals to be in place I thought I would post these new non sponsored videos and see what new business oportunites come my way.

I've spent the last few months redesigning the French Maid TV website and I (don't laugh) used Apple's iWeb to do it. I also installed and built out a banner and text ad server using OpenX to deliver IAB standardized ads from different banner ad networks and affiliate marketing networks.

In addition to all this we created a new Gift Shop using Zazzle where you can even make your own T-Shirt .

With social networks all the rage we have created a new community area but at this time it's invite only while we work out the kinks. I hope to have it open to the public soon and make it so that people can upload their own French Maid auditions and post response videos to our videos. All in good time.

If you would like an invite send an email to community at frenchmaidtv dot com.

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