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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rogers Cancels The Lab with Leo

Highly respected Radio/TV host and podcasting pioneer Leo Laporte According to Leo's blog, "The Canadian ratings haven’t been so hot, either. The slide began a year ago when Amber left the show. The entire staff left in January and I was left the last man standing. I’m not good with slow fades. It’s time to move on." "Rogers is planning to replace it with a daily, live show which is, ironically, what Call for Help used to be, but unless I pack up and move to Canada there’s no way I could host it, so we’ve parted ways amicably. I will always be grateful to them for keeping Call for Help alive these past four years."

Leo is going to tell everyone about his new endeavors tomorrow and I expect it will be something good. You may not know it from looking at the Top 100 on iTunes (because it only lists Todays Top 100) but Leo has one of, if not the most popular podcasts in the world and a very popular network of shows.

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