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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Shortest Distance to Online Video Dynamic Ad Insertion

I'm still trying to connect the dots to the fewest possible partners to have Dynamic Online Video Ad Insertion on the videos on my site and the videos in my podcast that would also give me flexibility to insert advertisers and sponsors on my own.

Castfire is a great technology that hosts your video content, works on your site and in your podcast and the people running Castfire have a great reputation in the market place - no scratch that. They have a stellar reputation. The problem is that they currently don't have a steady stream of advertisers and as of right now media companies like Tremor Media who have advertisers don't integrate with Castfire and video podcasts. They are doing some testing with a media company and if that testing goes well they may have a steady stream of advertisers to cover their 38 cents a gig of data transfer costs.

Kiptronic which also has a great reputation has the technology to deliver ads in your video or audio podcast but they don't provide hosting and don't have a steady stream of advertisers. They do however have deals with content delivery networks and relationships with media companies with advertisers but it's not a one stop shop.

Podaddies also has a great reputation but doesn't offer video hosting or a steady stream of advertisers but they are also doing testing with a media company and may soon have a steady stream of advertisers.

Volo has the technology and a great reputation they are trying to connect all the dots but as of earlier this month they were unable to pull together a one stop shop.

Sites like Revver and Podango are great but they don't offer me the flexibility I need for French Maid TV. I'm hearing numbers of $30-$50 CPMs for online video advertising and I don't see that kind of money from Revver and at the moment I'm not willing to split my "How To" sponsorships with Podango to find out if they can deliver.

Right now I've not been able to find an open source Dynamic Ad Insertion ad server plug-in that works with OpenX but I think if I could find that I would be one step closer to connecting the dots and getting at those $30 CPMs before they are gone.

I may end up going with one solution for the podcast and another for the French Maid TV website.

Let me know if I have something wrong or if I'm missing something here.

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1 Tim Street said...

So the Ooyala guys called me and they have Ooyala Backlot which is a video management platform that gives you control over the delivery, organization, analytics, and monetization of your online videos and you can experience it for now for 8 cents for every hour of video delivered.