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Monday, March 24, 2008

Get Your Own Video Hosting, Video Player and Stats Reporting

Sure YouTube, Revver, Blip and Podango can make you some money and you don't have to pay for hosting but if you want to get the big CPMs for online video advertising you better start looking for your own video player and hosting. Companies like Yume, spotXchange and ValueClick have the advertisers but don't come with video hosting or a video player and for now, this seems to separate the "Pros" from the "Prosumers." Unless you can swing a deal (like Ask A Ninja did) with an advertising company that will pay for your hosting as part of the deal.

Castfire is one of the hosting/player/stats places that I'm talking with. Do you guys know of any other places that offer video hosting, a video player and do tracking/stats for FLASH, QuickTime and Video Podcasting?


Chris Brogan said...

I just wanna throw in a vote for Castfire, as I've met with Brian, seen his demos, and believe what he's doing is really top shelf. I think he's a community guy, willing to work with creators, and very much interested in folks who are looking to do big stuff more than little stuff.

I'm not *as* savvy on others directly in his space, though I'll give you a thought or two, if they come up.

1 Tim Street said...

Thanks Chris. I would love to hear more from you.