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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Divx, the Juice Pack and Preaching to the Choir

Last night I went to the launch party for Divx at Cinespace in Hollywood. I think all the new media events are held at CineSpace. It's a good venue for our people - but more on that later.

Divx threw a great party and show off their PC media player that they are licensing into DVD players, TV sets and cable boxes. They aren't making any boxes just selling their technology into other people's boxes. The basic idea is that you would turn on your new TV and be able to connect and manage all of your personal media. Kind of like Apple TV but without Apple. The product demo looked pretty cool and if I wasn't so Apple brainwashed I would be really excited. The interface looks really cool the same way all those iPhone wanna be phones look really cool if there wasn't an iPhone. I can see the PC crowd getting very excited about Divx.

Another product I was very happy to see at the party was the Juice Pack by Mophie. You may remember from some of my Tweets a few weeks ago that while I was at iHollywood Forums event at the Roosevelt Hotel my iPhone Juice Pack was stolen from behind the registration desk while I was charging it. Well the folks at Mophie were kind enough to give me a replacement Juice Pack and it couldn't have come at a better time as I have Jury Duty today and no idea if I will ever see an electric outlet again. So thanks to Marc Salsberry and Mophie they have a really cool product and they are pretty damn nice to let me "evaluate" it.

Now about preaching to the Choir...

The online video / new media / social media community is great at networking with ourselves. We throw great parties, we pat ourselves on the back and we make us feel good about what we are doing in our little community. Well it's time we stop.

We have created a great little network of friends that do great work and are fun to hang out with and that's great but to what end? We need to invite other people into our circle to get the ball rolling on monetizing our work.

Tim and Emile Bourquin are doing a great job with the The New Media Expo but we as a community need to do more to get advertisers, sponsors and advertising agencies into our group. As I sit in the Jury Duty tank this morning I'm going to think of some ideas on what we can do to get this started because now is the time.

Do you have any ideas on bringing advertisers and ad agencies into our community?

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Daisy Whitney said...

I couldn't agree with you more. We don't want new media to be an echo chamber with the same old people! Let's talk, Tim, and figure out how to cast a wider net!