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Friday, July 25, 2008

What's the Biggest Online Video Success?

Yesterday Journalist Daisy Whitney asked her Twitter followers, "What do you think is the best example of a business, brand or marketer that used web video to great success to grow the business?"

I replied, "Will It Blend."

Will It Blend? is the best example of how a small company without an ad agency can have an impact on brand awareness and on their bottom line.

I've blogged about Will It Bled before but I think it merits repeating.

Will It Blend is a great model for content creators to examine.

Blendtech makes great blenders. They create online videos that showcases how strong their blenders are. People watch their Will It Blend videos and Blendtech sells more blenders. Keep in mind, it wouldn't work if Blendtech made crappy blenders or if their videos were not fun to watch.

For more on the Will It Blend story you should attend the The New Media Expo where you will get the whole story about Will It Blend.

"That's all nice for Blendtech Tim but I don't make high quality blenders. I just make videos."

Well, imagine if you had a DVD of your video content and you did an online video that promoted that DVD? Now I'm not saying to drop it in a blender.

Try this on for size, What if I made a DVD and a Pay Digital Download called French Maid TV's Official Guide to Lingerie Vol. 1 ? Then I created a French Maid TV episode called How To Buy Lingerie and had the episode be sponsored by French Maid TV's Official Guide to Lingerie Vol. 1?

Could I sell more copies of the DVD and Digital download then Will It Blend?

What if I also created a live show that could be done on a stage where the French Maids would come out and do a live performance of How To Buy Lingerie?

OK one more: What if I got the French Maids to do a live performance of How To Buy Lingerie on say Late Night TV during SWEEPS in November just before the Holidays?

Does that sound like something you think I could find a few investors to invest in?

1 comment:

Daisy Whitney said...

And Tim, you were right. Will it Blend IS the best example.