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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Move From Maker To Merchant: Taking Your Podcast From Hobby To Business In 27 Days

The New Media Expo is the world's most popular convention for podcasters, bloggers and online content creators. If you are serious about online video it's an event that you shouldn't miss.

This is part of a weekly blog series that highlights a session or event happening at New Media Expo - hopefully enticing you to come join us online video content creators in Las Vegas August 14-16, 2008.

I'm a pretty laid back guy but I do get pretty excited about online video and all the opportunities social media brings in creating your own brands and making enough money to work for yourself on the Internet. Another person who is excited all the time and spends way more time studying how to make money on the Internet than I do is Paul Colligan. Paul and I have traded some consulting services so I know first hand that Mr. Colligan knows many more ways to make money with online video than I do and if you want to learn about his tricks of the trade I suggest you check out his session in Las Vegas.

The Move From Maker To Merchant: Taking Your Podcast From Hobby To Business In 27 Days
Track 3: The Business of New Media
Instructor: Paul Colligan of Colligan.com, Inc.
Description: There is real money to be made in new media. Martyrs and mavens from the bleeding edge have paved paths worth deep examination for anyone looking to pay bills (and more) with their content. Join Paul Colligan in this session as he completes the third part of his three-year series on the very real business of podcasting and new media profits. Learn exactly how to build on the successful models others have already designed. Discover a simple 27-day plan for content monetization that can be followed by anyone with valuable content and a willingness to learn. Leave the session with an outline for what comes next for you! Paul is well-known for his time-tested approach to content monetization. If you want to leave the expo with a plan for making money with your media, don't miss this exciting session!
The New Media Expo conference web site has outstanding resources including the Official New Media Expo podcast and various podcaster templates and documents, and links to all the speakers' blogs.

You might also want to Book your hotel now and get your free Expo Hall Pass before the price increase.

New Media Expo

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