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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who's Going to be the First Big Financial Internet Video Hit?

Yesterday's Ad Age Madison + Vine conference was an incredible line up of traditional media talent Al Michaels, Magic Johnson, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ben Silverman, Darren Star, Dana Walden and the top Internet Blogger Arianna Huffington. Other than Arianna and Ad Age I didn't run into any social media people. Maybe they were all working on their future Internet video success.

Yesterday was great from a content standpoint and I tweeted as much as a could on my model 1 iPhone until @adage tracked me down and gave me a WiFi passcode but by that time the conference was almost over. The content was great but the biggest take-away I got was that the light bulbs are starting to come on with traditional media and they are slowly figuring out ways to monetize the Internet. I expect they will continue to baby step into the Internet until someone makes a lot of money and then they will try to copy the success of that someone. But who will that someone be?

Seth MacFarlane?

Will it be Joss Whedon?

Or will it be someone like Doug Bressler?


Yoo said...


I also came to that conference, my name is Alice and I run a social network and blog called My Modern Metropolis. You can check out my blog - where I gave my overview of the conference at www.modernmet.com

I agree with you, traditional media is starting to wake up. It's so good to see!

1 Tim Street said...

Hey Alice,

I wish I would have run into you yesterday. Thanks for the comment.

I checked out the photo of you and Arianna Huffington. Looks like you had a great time.