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Monday, July 14, 2008

I Started a Dot Com and All I Got Was a T-Shirt

What's Your "Dot Com" Story?

Wired has posted a phone interview with Josh Hartnett about his new movie titled, August.

"August tracks the rise and fall of a cocky internet startup boss who watches his company implode during 2001's dot-com meltdown. Set in Manhattan a few weeks before 9/11, the movie follows brash CEO Tom Sterling as he pitches venture capitalists on the mystique of his LandShark company."

I think I'll be seeing this movie. It reminds me of my younger days and how my friends were trying to convince me to raise money for a DOT Com. I kept asking them, "What would this company do?" and they kept telling me, "It doesn't matter, just get the money - Everyone is doing it." I did start a Dot Com but I never tried to raise the money I just got new friends.

Back then the whole raising money thing seemed like Hocus Pocus to me and I find it very ironic that today I will be having lunch with a magician to talk about French Maid Magic and tonight I will be going to the Magicopolis Theater of Illusion for Mixergy's How to Raise Venture Capital for Your Startup.

Will there be any Hocus Pocus in this go round of Internet fund raising? Well, I think to raise money now you have to have a real business model up and working in order to get money and that's a lot easier to do than it was in 2001.

I hope to see you there tonight and if you see me there be sure to stop me cause I would love to hear your Dot Com story.


Matthew Snodgrass said...

Amazing that it took 7 years for a movie like this to come out. Could be somewhat prophetic, considering what we're facing right now in the economy. The sequel could be titled, "August II: GasShark."

1 Tim Street said...


Or it could be "The Rollers"

schlomo rabinowitz said...

I saw this movie and its not as good re: the workings of a startup as you would expect. But it was funny watching Calacanis introduce Josh Harnett onto a tech conference stage!

1 Tim Street said...

LOL Schlomo!

Watching Calacanis is always funny.

Lan Bui said...

Looks like a free event... Is it?

I want to go.

1 Tim Street said...

I think it's FREE.

If it's not, I'll be heading over to Barney's Beanery on 3rd Street for beers. ;)

Lan Bui said...


If I have a meeting with a client in Marina Del Rey today I'll see you there. If not, then i don't think I'll go.