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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 Key Elements Successful Online Videos Should Have

Online videos should be different than TV. Internet videos should give viewers something they can't get from the Networks. Online videos should be like the MidWest Teen Sex Show.

The MidWest Teen Sex Show creates funny, educational and very entertaining online videos about sex, sex education and relationships. They should be commended on their video producing skills and this show should be winning awards.

Now on the other hand... they have some work to do to build a business out of this brand. I'll start with their Show Notes.

For the above video that is posted at Revver their description currently reads:

"I'm so over you... Hold me."

Hey, that's funny but not so good for letting your audience know what the episode is going to be about and it really sucks for search engine optimization (but they do have the self explanatory title: MTSS Episode #15 Break-Ups). On their website I didn't see any show notes.

I spoke with the show's creator and director Guy Clark on the phone yesterday and he told me that they are getting 150,000 views per month and growing but because of the show's subject matter they were having trouble getting advertisers and that even at Revver their tags were excluding them from ads running on their videos.

When I watched the video at Revver I did see ads running on the BREAK UP video so maybe that is fixed.

I took a look at the MidWest Sex Show's tags at Revver (advice alt boobs boy break breakups breasts dating education gay girls health high school hot lesbian midwest relationships sex sexuality show teen tips up porn video) and they look like they should drive some traffic if only they were on the MidWest Teen Sex Show website.

Now I'm not getting down on the MidWest Teen Sex Show. I think they are great. They have the 3 key elements of a successful online video series, they just need a little "fine tuning" to make their website and their videos a little more attractive to some alternative advertisers and alternative sponsors.

What are the 3 Key Elements a successful online video should have?

Here are 3 key elements an internet video series should have:

1. Move 2 or more emotions
(MWTSS is funny sexy awkward shocking disgusting and maybe a few more)

2. Be Irreverent (Break the rules)

3. Be Different from anything on TV (Don't Copy TV)

I have a conversation going with Guy he told me he is using Wizzard but hasn't really made any money yet. I hope our conversation continues and that I can be of assistance helping him make some money cause right now we all need to band together and build this new market place where the online video media buyers can find us and we can find sponsors who want to reach online video viewers.

Do you have any ideas on how the MidWest Teen Sex Show can get Sponsors and Advertisers?


myerlen said...

Tim, I saw you speak on a panel in Ontario California at the New Media Conference in June. You were a great panelist and offered some valuable insight into the field of video blogging as I was preparing to enter it. Thank you for that. Your blog continues to provide excellent information. Each and almost every post you make gets a star in Google Reader and tagged in my business planning directory there. Again thanks for that.

Rob L.

1 Tim Street said...

Hey Rob,

Thanks for your kind words.

I feel like we are all very close to making this online video thing turn into a real business and I'm trying to do my part to help make it a reality.

I'm not doing all this out of the goodness of my heart though, I'm having the most fun I've ever had in my life and I really don't want to stop. I figure if I can help as many people as possible and build a marketplace for online video I won't have to go back to driving a train at Mickey's Theme Park - Although being a steam train engineer was a lot of fun too, it just didn't pay as well.

Elsie said...

I totally agree with you. MTSS is a fantastic show. I actually stayed away from it because I'm not a big fan of sexing things up just for it's own sake, and with a title like "Midwest Teen Sex Show" I kinda didn't want to deal with yet another exploitation of teen sexuality. I read about MTSS before I watched. I was intrigued by their story and then I watched. I loved it. I applaud them for taking on the topics, telling it like it is and empowering teenagers to make better choices.

In order to find advertisers for these guys you have to get folk that are relevant to the content. Most advertisers that would be amazing with MTSS (and are willing to fork out some pretty decent cash) are a bit freaked out by the content. It's too risky. They have the same reactions that I had. They need to be educated. Advertisers generally DON'T WATCH THE CONTENT. That's totally my opinion. They are absolutely clueless as to the quality of content that is out there. Other advertisers that would totally advertise with MTSS, let's take for example...male enhancement creams and such, or adult catalogues and sites, would be the most irresponsible advertiser MTSS could have.
It really is a challenge to find optimal advertising for such a phenomenal show. But once the match is made, preferably with a main stream advertiser like H&M or Hot Topic, the door will be opened and who knows what would happen from then on!