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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Content Producers Want to Know About the Adobe Media Player

So Adobe came out with the Adobe Media Player and Adobe TV. The desktop player looks like a really cool Flash version of iTunes with very little content in place right now but you can see the potential with this player to reach the PC crowd.

In reading other people's postings I didn't find out what I really wanted to know about the Adobe Media Player so I had to go do some digging (I went to the Adobe Site). Here's what I found out from the Adobe Site:

Adobe® Media Player software gives you new ways to distribute, protect, and monetize your media assets. And with a compelling user experience and a subscription-based model, it can attract and retain more engaged and valuable audiences — all while leveraging your own infrastructure.

Attract, engage, and retain audiences
Deliver compelling experiences at up to HD resolutions via streaming, download, and protected download of individual files. Adobe Media Player leverages Adobe Flash® technology to maintain content integrity, so audiences experience your creations as you intended. RSS subscription-based delivery can help you reach and sustain audience interest. Streaming and new downloadable delivery lets users watch content online and offline.

Drive revenue.
Adobe Media Player allows users to download video content with persistent, contextual advertising that can be kept current long after the file has been downloaded. Other capabilities include content branding, ad insertion, and ad caching, which enable content providers to capture new revenue sources using existing media assets.

Control your content
Maintain control of your content to develop next-generation online business models. Whether limiting access to a webcast or enabling on-demand viewing of an advertising-supported experience online or offline, control who has access to your content when, where, and why.

So it looks like they are connecting Advertisers and Content producers

You can check out the current Participating Networks here.

The Adobe site also has a pitch for Advertisers who want to use it:

Advertising partners

Adobe® Media Player software takes Internet advertising to the next level by allowing you to capitalize on contextual ad placement. You'll have higher recall and take rates, and the compelling user experience will attract and retain more engaged and valuable audiences — all while leveraging your existing tools, partners, and technology.


Capture revenue with flexible advertising models
Adobe Media Player allows users to download Adobe Flash® videos with persistent advertising content that can be refreshed and updated. New capabilities include content branding, ad insertion, and ad caching, which enable you to capture revenue from new sources using existing and new media assets.

Customize branding
Promote your clients' brands by including logo banners at the top of a show listing or as watermarks behind the listing and viewing area. Create brand assets and deploy them in standard formats to help ensure users have a complete branded experience.

Track and measure to maximize results
Gather anonymous usage data using cookies to understand download and viewing patterns, whether users are online or offline.

Leverage full-range creative service teams
Develop a customized, compelling, nonintrusive ad campaign leveraging the latest in-stream and interactive technologies developed on the Flash media platform.

Select from a range of cost-effective services
Choose the appropriate services offered by partners to meet various customer needs and budgets.

Leverage robust measurement tools
Leverage tools from our partners to achieve accurate and timely feedback on your campaign. Ad campaigns are more effective when a team is available to promote maximum results based on your success criteria.

Here are the Advertising Partners:

If you are interested in becoming an Adobe Media Player Content Partner you can submit a form to have Adobe contact you. If you are a developer you might want to check out Adobe AIR.

I see Goodnight Burbank is part of the program. I'll see if I can get Hayden to fill us in a little.

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