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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scale and Reach

She's popular, cute and she's singing a pop hit but she has no scale or long term reach.

Unless you have an online video series that is so niche specific that you will capture all the search inquiries for a certain keyword or you are able to bring in over 25,000 unique visitors per day you are going to have trouble monetizing through ad networks because you don't have scale or reach.

Can you get scale and reach? It depends.

A couple of years ago MySpace didn't have any video. MySpace members were using YouTube and Revver to post videos on their MySpace page. Now, MySpace videos like the little girl singing Hey Jude are starting to top the charts.

MySpace blocked the ad serving Revver videos and launched their own MySpace Video Player and they have scale and reach.

What are you doing to get scale and reach?

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