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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Size Matters: Ad Buyers Need to Buy Big

Susan Bratton Co-founder of Personal Life Media hits one out of the park with her DishyMix interview with Doug Weaver of Upstream Group about what is needed in the world of digital ad sales.

"Ad networks are changing the playing field. Media exchanges are shaking up the market. Sales revenue is down - a big surprise to publishers who have enjoyed steady growth since 2001.

Hear Doug’s recommendations for how you need to align your team today. Find out what kind of selling organization is required now to succeed in the long term - it may be very different from how you are staffing today."

Whether you are a media buyer or a media publisher (online video producer), if you are going to be involved with the buying or selling of ads you need to listen to this podcast.

1 comment:

Daisy Whitney said...

Size Matters: interesting headline and I am hearing that refrain more and more. Advertisers want to buy scale...