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Monday, April 7, 2008

Exclusive! Leaked! How to make Viral Videos!

TechCrunch posted about Viral Video Gamer Dan Ackerman Greenberg again.

Once again I agree with a lot of what Dan has to say in his video but I think that it's hard to build a long term business on gaming the system.

Dan may be getting work from people who pay him to create viral videos but is he getting any residuals for those videos? Does he own the content? Can he license it somewhere else?

I would also love to know if any of his videos got Rick Rolled on April 1.



Steve Garfield said...

Do I have to point out that giving your video a misleading title and/or thumbnail results in people coming to your video expecting to see one thing and seeing something else. That's not values based unless it's a rickroll video where it's perfectly fine. :-)

1 Tim Street said...

You are so right Steve.

Just because you get the views doesn't mean you are going to build an audience.

And if you are a marketer paying for a service that trick people you can do some real damage to your brand.