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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flash vs QuickTime is it Like Obama vs Clinton?

Well it looks like Flash has won the video player wars when it comes to site embeded streaming video but QuickTime is still king when it come to downloadable video to play on an iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now when it comes to placing ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll) in and around video I've found that Ad-Networks are shying away from QuickTime and downloadable media because it's hard to tell in real time if someone has watched an ad in a downloaded video.

iTunes, iPods, iPod Touches and iPhones don't play Flash because Apple has made them that way but they do support video podcasting where many of us online video producers get our views. On the other hand advertisers, media buyers and ad agencies like Flash because they can see real time stats.

When will we be able to sort this out?

When will we have our National Convention and decide on our video player candidate?

How will BARACKY: THE MOVIE end?


Curtis Wayne said...

Is this still true with the QT revisions in Snow Leopard?

By the way, loved your appearance on TWIM last month.

FrenchMaidTV said...

Hey Curtis,

Thanks for the comment and the nice words about TWIM.

As of right now advertisers and ad networks are really only using FLASH to distribute online video advertising.

QuickTime is not being used on any big Video Advertising Networks.