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Saturday, April 19, 2008

MySpace, Is It Your Space?

When I see videos from MySpace, like the one above, climbing the charts in popularity I think, "I should post some videos on MySpace." Then I think about the MySpace login and the look of the MySpace page and the look of so many MySpace pages and I talk MySelf out of it.

I know a lot of people have MySpace accounts. I know a lot of people use MySpace. I only know a handful of 25 - 30 year old actresses who use MySpace on a regular basis. All the cool video kids and even the not so cool business folks I know spend their time sending messages from Twitter, Pownce and of course Facebook and even Linkedin. Hey, it could be because I just don't pay attention to my MySpace account because I don't find the interface inviting but I still wonder... Do any of you, use MySpace on a regular basis?


Elsie said...

Nope, nope, nope. I do not use my MySpace on a regular basis. Generally, the only time I go to my account is if someone posts a comment (which I have to approve) or someone ads me as a friend.

I've gotta say that I do have more high school, college friends on MySpace. It seems like the non techy 30+ are the ones that use MySpace a lot more. I hate to go on MySpace.

The one thing that I like is the ability to post a bulletin, in case I'm promoting something, but other than that. It sucks. Bad interface. I'm always confused and everyone's profile has music and all sorts of videos and graphics that it just makes me crazy. Have been tempted to delete my account, but there are a few folks that I can only contact through MySpace, so I'm still there :(

andydugan said...

I "use" myspace the same way I use all the other video players, via tubemogul, and I still have lots of friends on myspace, but I can't say it's anywhere near the level of importance at twitter and facebook...