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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are You Monetizing Your Online Video with Live Events?

The Monetization of Online Video is slowly starting to happen. Ad Networks are signing "Video Publishers" to their networks and serving them video ads that still don't pay enough to live on but the it's a work in progress. Sites like Revver and YouTube have partnership programs that pay high viewed video creators enough money to make car payments and sponsorships for high viewed videos pay the best but are hard to find, negotiate and close on a regular basis.

One other online video monetization model is the Live Event model. Simply put, you throw a party and have sponsors pay to provide drinks, gift bags, signage and what ever else you can get them to pay for at your party and you videotape content at the party.

Corporate sponsors have been doing this kind of thing for a long time so it's nothing new to them and some video creators like Dusty Wright and Richard Burns of Culture Catch have been using this model for a couple of years with celebrities like Kevin Bacon and David Lynch.

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Mike McAllen said...

I met the Culture Catch guys at the last PME. Went to the big party they threw at expo hall event. Saw your French Maids. I also sat in their Guitar sponsors huge bus to strum a few guitars during the extremepods party. I found them to be really nice, creative guys, but as I understand it they have a tad bit of internal funding to start culture catch. Its not cheap to do these types of events even if you have sponsors. Especially, if you want to make an impression and engage your target audience you should be careful.