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Monday, June 2, 2008

Are You Ready for the Real Video Revolution?

The 1960's brought about radical social change and since then we haven't had too many people willing to stick their necks on the line to bring about change.

Well, here are two online video guys that are all about change.

"The Internets Celebrities make short video essays. This has made them sort-of-famous on the Internets and has given them a cult-like following. Dallas Penn of DallasPenn.com and Rafi Kam of OhWord.com -- both well respected bloggers in their own right -- seek to uncover truths, and celebrate the urban culture along with director Casimir Nozkowski."

"The comedy that the Internet Celebrities create is derived from their earnestness to oppose what they consider injustice. Employing a limitless cultural vocabulary, their own self-proclaimed celebrity status and some good ole-fashioned fearlessness and charisma, the Internets Celebrities are the Woodward and Bernstein for the YouTube generation."

I think we are going to see more videos like these that will unearth hidden truths and bring about change. Although if Rafi and Dallas what to get some sponsorships from the man they may have to tone down their language a bit. Advertisers are too hip to the "F" word yet.


rafi said...

Yeah, it's a tricky game trying to deliver an important message and at the same time strive to be commercial whores. It's probably to our benefit that we suck at the whoring part. Hm, bad choice of words?

Anyway, thanks for the post!


Steve Garfield said...

Watching this now. Great report.

1 Tim Street said...

Hey Steve Garfield, Have you ever been in a check cashing place?