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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have You Heard Any Stories of Passion and Persistence That Paid Off?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting YouTuber Hooman at the OnHollywood conference and later got to spend time with him at a party at The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip. This morning I checked out his YouTube page and discovered an emotionally compelling video interview he did that tells the story of passion, persistence and payoff.

In his interview Hooman tells us the story of how three months after their homeless father died in jail, twin brothers, Logan and Noah Miller, cornered 4-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris in an alley outside the Castro Theatre in San Francisco and pitched him on their autobiographical movie, Touching Home. www.touchinghomemovie.com

Thanks Hooman for creating your video and thanks Logan and Noah for sharing your story.

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Jeromy said...

Thanks 1 tim street...they certainly are passionate and persistent. There's a book deal now too: