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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sad Video From Andrea Mitchell About Tim Russert

Tim Russert changed the way Washington was covered by the press.

It's so sad that he will never get to see the outcome of this historic year in American politics.


steven edward streight said...

I didn't catch this news report. I liked Tim Russert a lot. He was a very familiar face, and he seemed impartial and probing.

What a loss to the world!

Thanks for blogging and Twittering this, friend!


Andy Sternberg said...

Yeah I missed this one too. Was watching the live cov'g streaming at msnbc.com tho... touching to see Olbermann continually breaking down.

Russert was good.

Angela Wilson Gyetvan said...

Thanks for posting, Tim. Yes, Mr. Russert will be mightily missed.

Rick Calvert said...

Thank you for posting this video Tim. It is a fitting tribute to one of the best newsmen of our generation; who also happened to be out to be a good and decent man. A Man who learned the lessons his father tried so hard to teach him, respected them and shared them with a younger generation.

I was watching this segment live in Hugh Hewitt's studio. These two men would disagree on many if not most political issues but Hugh dedicated his entire program on Friday to Russert out of his respect for the man. Every single guest talked about what a professional he was and what kind man he was. Everyone who knew him liked him, and not in the way you might like a charming politician, but in the way you genuinely like and respect and honest decent hard working man.

That is who Tim Russert was.

Well done.
Rick Calvert

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