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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twiiterer Sends News of Potential Bomb Threat on US AIR

So here we go with the "NEWS" thing on Twitter Again.

Online Video Entrepreneur Tony Katz of AWELI has been using his Twitter account to update us (the people following him on Twitter) on a potential bomb threat on a US AIR flight.

He started with "Police officers on plane...USAIR flight 66....reasons unknown...3 officers..."

His next "Tweet" was "Man removed.......dark hair....dark skin......attendant says he said something to her....what is unknown....."

Then, "The words racial profiling were uttered from attendant......not sure context yet......when man was escorted from plane, there was applau ... "

3 Minutes later. "Ok...full story...elec items to be turned off...drak hair guy did not do it...man next to him asked him to turn off elec item...."

2 Minutes Later, "..Dark hair man said that man next to him was racial profiling....then claimed detonator in pocket.......attendant then told pilot...the ..."

Then, "Hooray for USAIR!!!!! Taking things seriously and to the passengers for paying attention....never happier than now that I fly this airl ... .."

"Dark haired man told an attendant he had a detonator in his pocket....man. People interviewed......at least 4 officer on board....."

"He is off plane....his cabin belongings off plane...not sure about actual luggage.....everyone on plane is being so cool....."

And 16 Minutes ago, "And I think its all done.......door closing....see you in Vegas first......"

Pretty soon when CNN reports about this kind of stuff we are going to be getting most of the news that we really care about, the news about the people we care about from Twitter.

Hooray for USAIR!!!!! Taking things seriously and to the passengers for paying attention....never happier than now that I fly this airline!!!!!


Tony Katz said...


I'll discuss the events with you at anytime. The most important thing to know is how cool and calm everyone was. No yelling, no getting out of seats, no panic. Just a perfect combination of aware travelers, educated no-nonsense flight attendants, a captain who removed the problem from the plane and great Vegas cops who handled the interviews with eye witnesses quickly and effectively.

As for news coming via Twitter and how soon MSM will pick up on it, I don't know. I wonder how many events go unreported...events just like this. However, I felt that I simply shared news, as opposed to reporting it. I think there is a difference. You?

All the best.


1 Tim Street said...

It's "local" / "global" news. I have had friends over the years whose parents send them clippings from the hometown News Paper 10 years after they left the the small town they grew up in.

Once all the Moms get hip to Twitter the US Postal Service is going to see even less use and once our friends and followers on Twitter figure out the new Fickr video combined with Twitter local TV news is going to take another hit. - Unless they start using Twitter or a Twitter like service.

Just think of every promo slogan for your local News "The News that's important to you." and apply that to Twitter.

Jill Golick said...

This is an incredibly interesting story and I am shocked it hasn't been picked up by the press. Twitter is just amazing and it's impact has yet to be truly felt.