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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If Scott Simpson Were a Hit Man

If Scott Simpson Were a Hit Man

If the beloved podcasting insider Scott Simpson were a hit man this video is how I would picture him. - Smart, improvisational and he would have a way with the ladies but I don’t know if in my mind’s eye he would live with his mother. Maybe his brother?? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, he would be
Getting Away with Murder

Beyond what I think about Scott Simpson being a hitman and that it has nothing to do with Getting Away with Murder I think IFC has done a wonderful job of bringing us a fun online series that makes me laugh long after I’m done watching it. For whatever reason though, I have no idea who the creators of the show are and what the real story is behind how this online video series came to be. Maybe I’m too busy enjoying the great music and watching the hip motion graphics to read the credits. Or maybe I’m too lazy to look past the first page of my Google Search.

That said, looking from the outside in it appears that IFC has produced Getting Away with Murder to brand the cable channel as cutting edge and risk taking. Indeed watching Getting Away with Murder does make me think that IFC is all that but only on the Internet. That’s right. I love this online series and I want more webisodes like it but I don’t think for a second that if I turn on IFC I’m going to find anything like it on TV and that my friends is the rub. If IFC is doing this to get more viewers I think they are wasting their money.

Even if IFC does have programming on their cable channel that is like this super cool internet show I don’t believe it’s on IFC.

With the snappy writing and high production values Getting Away with Murder could be brining in great advertising revenues for an online video but instead it only showcases that it’s made by IFC and does nothing to make me want to watch IFC. I hope it’s working for IFC and more importantly I hope the show’s creators are getting something out of it cause they really deserve it for doing such a great job. If not, I think Scott Simpson should take someone out.

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